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Discovering the Rosetta Stone of Human Development and Resilience

  • Darick Nordstrom, DDS

Did you know that the administration of OraLase/HINSLR could temporarily restore a sense of wellness to the body, giving individuals space for healing and trauma resolution?

 Join Dr. Darick Nordstrom—internationally renowned dentist and creator of the A.L.F. (Advanced Lightwire Functional) appliance—in a NEW presentation about this innovative application of laser technology, featuring FOTONA and Vivos. 

July 8-9 @ 8 am MDT








Oralese/Traumalese could be the key to treating trauma.

How? Pain is processed in the limbic system of the brain, which stands between the cerebellum and cortex, both critical structures for developing a sense of self. Trauma, however, can remove the sense of safety necessary for healthy development. 

Using a specific wavelength and intensity of laser treatment, the OraLase Technique targets a variety of health concerns by instantly relieving pain in the orofacial zone. OraLase creates and uses sensations that are primitively familiar to the limbic system, temporarily opening a window that allows cerebellar-cortical communication to occur without misinterpretation.

OraLase/HINSLR utilizes scientific principles to temporarily restore a sense of wellness to create a space for healing and trauma resolution. Ready to learn more about these principles? 

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