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The Vivos Method is a multidisciplinary treatment protocol that uses cost-effective oral appliance technology prescribed by trained dentists and medical professionals to treat dentofacial abnormalities and/or mild-to-moderate OSA. It’s noninvasive, nonsurgical, nonpharmaceutical, and virtually pain-free.

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Do my patients need Vivos?

The perfect candidate for The Vivos Method will be patients with dentofacial abnormalities and/or suffering from mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. Here are a few additional signs that a patient is ideal to start our treatment protocol:

  • Diagnosis by an MD based on results from a reliable sleep study
  • CPAP intolerance
  • Underdeveloped upper and/or lower jaws
  • Diagnosis of upper airway resistance syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue

Are you ready to join us in our mission to treat OSA?

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The Vivos Difference

Streamline your business practices by becoming a VIP. We support you through the patient life cycle from start to finish to create a seamless experience.

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Practice Advisory Services is a comprehensive practice management service essential to the growth and success of all Vivos providers. Practice advisors (PAs) are responsible for educating our dental and healthcare professionals and providing support for an excellent onboarding experience.

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With Airway Intelligence Service, Vivos providers have access to comprehensive AI reports, which are research-based record analysis and comparative reporting, clinical collaboration to support you through the most complex cases, and appliance design collaboration to select the best device for each individual case.

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VivosBI is a comprehensive medical billing service for your dental practice that includes fully integrated revenue cycle management software: AireO2 by Vivos. We understand your diverse offerings—e.g., oral appliance therapy, oral surgery, implants, exams, diagnostics, and more—and have options to sort, group, and bill medical on a micro level.

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Clinical Advisory Services connects our VIPs to experienced providers who’ve been committed to Vivos from the start. Our team of professionals is passionate about not only providing top-quality care to their patients but also sharing their knowledge with new providers and assisting with cases.

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Pneusomnia is an independent multidisciplinary sleep practice that provides holistic care for those with sleep-related breathing disorders. We bridge the gap between healthcare providers and offer a range of medical treatment options tailored to the wants and needs of each patient.

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At MyoCorrect, we help patients understand and apply techniques that help them eat, speak, sleep, and breathe more effectively. Our myofunctional therapy program corrects orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) by treating compromised functions related to the muscles of the lips, tongue, cheeks, and face.

Benefits of Becoming a

Vivos Integrated Provider

The Vivos Method could be the missing piece to your practice

Tackling OSA and sleep therapies in your practice is a big responsibility, but you don’t have to do it alone. Vivos Therapeutics has your back, and we’re ready to provide the support you need to unlock a better patient service, greater revenue, and more potential for growth.

Contact us for more information about doctor education, training, product information, services, and more.

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Find out more about how multidisciplinary healthcare teams are transforming the lives of their patients with The Vivos Method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Vivos training entail - time, team commitment, modality of training?

Vivos provides extensive training in both live and online formats.  We strongly recommend that providers take the time and make the commitment to attend as many of the in-person trainings in Colorado as possible. Online training works well for refresher courses and general orientation, but our most productive providers with the highest ROI have all focused on in person training with their team present.  Most courses run Thursday / Friday / and half a day on Saturday.

Can everyone in my practice (and others in separate locations) train? Is there an additional fee for this?

Any staff employed in your practice can train as often as they wish at no additional fee. If you have an associate who will also be treating patients with The Vivos Method, he or she will need to pay the one-time associate fee.

How long will I have access to the training?

Originally, the VIP training program was set up for unlimited access over the course of 12 months following enrollment.  With the advent of Covid-19, we have decided to extend access beyond the 12-month term at no additional charge.  This policy will remain in place during 2022 and will be reevaluated thereafter.  Unlimited access to online training will be available to all Vivos Integrated Providers with no expiration.

Do I have to travel to Colorado, or can I train online?

Most training can be done online, however, the best results and most rapid path to starting cases in your practice typically occur after the provider and team attend live training courses in Colorado.

Can I bring my team to the training?

Yes, we encourage the entire team to get onboard with treating airway in your practice.  Not all training will be relevant to your staff and your onboarding specialist can recommended who needs to attend what.

Can other doctors in my practice also prescribe once I'm a provider?

All licensed dentists who prescribe must be properly trained and certified by Vivos. Training fees for associate doctors are very reasonable and can be fully recouped after treating just a couple of patients with The Vivos Method.

When can I submit my first case? - Or - At what point during training will I have the knowledge to submit cases?

We strongly encourage providers to follow the prescribed path of learning and development.  Most providers are ready to submit cases after their first 2 training sessions.  Our Practice Advisory team will engage with your team to orchestrate a “Family and Staff Day” to establish standard protocols within your practice.  Most providers will start 3-5 cases on this training day and are then ready to clinically assess, diagnosis (with an MD), close, and start cases with confidence going forward.

What certifications will I receive?

You will become part of the Vivos Provider Network upon completion of the first series of online courses and attendance at the LIVE hands-on training.

How do we differ from other appliances/competitors?

No other company has the total package of:

  • The financial resources and staying power of being a public company
  • The latest world class diagnostic technology coupled with integrated medical provider collaboration
  • Proprietary therapeutic technologies and protocols proven to optimize results
  • Over 60 published studies and peer-reviewed articles showing unparalleled effectiveness
  • Class II FDA clearances
  • A track record of success in over 24,000 cases
  • Training and support capabilities including online and live courses comprising over 400 hours of clinical and practice integration courses
  • Unlimited access to technical clinical support from experienced dentists and technicians
  • Multiple referral sources for new patients
  • Proven business systems and complete integration assistance on-site at no cost
  • Vertically integrated program that begins with patient screening and diagnosis and continues through to customized and monitored therapy that can lower AHI scores back to normal within a matter of months (individual results will vary)

Does medical insurance cover this treatment? What kind of reimbursement can I expect?

Most major commercial insurance payers reimburse for our adult treatment. The average level of reimbursement is approximately 50% (ranging from 5% to 70%), although medical insurance is never a guarantee of payment, and patient deductibles typically vary. At the present time, commercial health insurance reimbursement is primarily limited to adult patients.  Parents of pediatric patients will typically make use of their orthodontic insurance benefits or choose to pay out of pocket for treatment.

In what situations does this treatment not work for patients?

Patient compliance is key to treatment success.  Generally, when patient compliance is high, treatment outcomes are successful.  Individual results will vary, and no treatment is 100% effective.

Is there an age limit for treatment with The Vivos Method?

Vivos providers effectively treat patients as young as 3-4 and as old as 84-85.

Will patients need to wear the appliance in conjunction with C-PAP?

That will be determined by their treating dentist and physician.  Some Vivos patients begin treatment using both CPAP and the Vivos Method and many eventually get off their CPAP machines and finish out in just their Vivos device.

Can I use my own lab?

No. Vivos maintains strict quality controls over product designs, materials, and finished products.  In order to meet rising demand, Vivos has certified a limited number of approved contract labs to manufacture Vivos devices.  All of our labs are FDA certified and approved. 

What records are required?

We teach you precisely what records to take and why each element of the patient record is essential for medical documentation and insurance coverage.  This question will be more thoroughly reviewed and answered during our training courses.

Do I have to send my patients to a sleep lab?

No, Vivos uses our own sleep screening device that can be used in the comfort of the patients own home.  The test is read and interpreted by a sleep physician licensed in the patient’s state of residence.

What FOV is needed for a CT scan?

Typically, 15 X 15 or larger is acceptable.

How many doctors in my area are Vivos providers?

This number varies from place to place and time to time.  New Vivos providers are always coming on board. 

How frequently will I need to see my patients during treatment?

This will vary depending on a patient’s treatment plan. Typically, during the first year, every 6-8 weeks.  Thereafter, every 10-12 weeks or at the discretion of the treating provider.

How long does the treatment take?

As little as 9 months or up to 24 months and beyond.  We believe patients who incorporate Vivos’ myofunctional therapy protocols into their treatment tend to experience better compliance, shorter treatment times, and better clinical outcomes.

Does this treatment correct OSA?

The FDA has cleared certain Vivos appliances to treat mild to moderate OSA and snoring in adults.

What does it cost to become a provider?

Enrollment programs are constantly being revised and updated.  Please speak with one of our Enrollment Specialists for the latest offerings.

Does Vivos assist in marketing efforts?

Yes, on a market-by-market basis.

How long has Vivos been doing this?

Vivos providers have been successfully treating patients with our appliances since around 2007.

What clinical research/publications are available?

Vivos believes it has done more research in this field than any other company, please visit our research page for a list of studies.