Dr. Degtyareva

Dr. Olga Degtyareva on Advancing Dentistry Together

Dr. Williams

 Dr. Michele Williams on Creating More Stable Dental Outcomes

Lauren’s Story

“My jaw does not pop anymore, and so once that went away, I was like, this is great. This is how it should have been. “

Dr. Kashkouli

“I cannot say enough good things about Vivos.”–  Dr. Malika Kashkouli

Valerie’s Story

“It definitely changed my life. And It was totally worth it.”
– Valerie

Dr. Lawrence

“It does help generate more additional income to the office, but it really helps improve your understanding of what you’re already doing as a dentist.”
–  Dr. Paul Lawrence

Dr. Buske

Dr. Buske on Targeting the Root Cause of Dental Issues with Vivos

Dr. Nathanson

“The AI report is something that I have never seen anywhere, and it provides such a wealth of information that it’s just really incredible.”
–  Dr. Joel Nathanson