What Is AireO2?

A certified, cloud-based EHR for dental practice management, clinical charting, and billing, AireO2 can help dental offices manage and run their entire sleep, TMJ, and surgical services in one place—no servers, downloads, or special equipment required. All you need is a computer with internet access.

Value to the Dental Office

AireO2 was designed with the busy dentist and office staff in mind. Offices can spend more time focusing on patient care by eliminating paper charts and manual processes.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Minimize Charting Time

Increase Documentation Compliance

Software with Unmatched Capabilities

Standard Features

Robust Scheduling
Intuitive Clinical Charting
Patient Forms
Letter Generation
Patient Portal
Advanced Reporting
Integrated Billing
Patient Ledger & Statements
Tasks & Secure Messaging

Add-On Services

Appointment Reminders
Integrated Fax
Payment Processing
External Scheduling


Custom Form Building
Data Import/Export
Open API Integrations
Print & Header Templates
Custom Letter Templates
Custom SOAP Templates

Intuitive Dashboards to Manage Workflow

Office staff can communicate with potential patients, send intake forms, and fill the schedule from the workbench.

Providers can easily glance at a summary of the daily schedule, sign encounters, review tasks, and finish letters they have started.

Interoperable Patient Portal

Patient portals are changing the healthcare paradigm. Your patients will love the convenience of communicating, scheduling, and completing online forms.

Save Time
Collect information such as patient history electronically before the appointment.

Gather data from patient records and forms without duplication or issue.

Allow patients to schedule and confirm appointments with preferred physicians.

Check eligibility and copays and allow patients to pay their provider bill online.

Time to revenue decreases via online billing, payments, and electronic receipts.

Support staff can adjust insurance info, update demographics, and more.

Link to a provider and allow patients to connect, contact, and easily communicate.

Patients can request refills and referrals or ask questions that will provide clarity.

Practices no longer need to spend time on unnecessary duplicated processes.

In the US, meet qualifications for Meaningful Use and earn incentive payments.

Record Test Results and Track Progress

Sleep Study Form: Record key results from VivoScore, HST, or PSG. Compare pre- and post-treatment numbers.

Appliance Form: Track all interventions, including adjustments, symptoms, and side effects. Use the data to improve outcomes.

Robust Clinical Charting

Efficiently move through your exam with point-and-click charting.

Toggle between different combinations of clinical forms.

Quick Text and Progress Note Generation

Ditch the hassle of hand-writing narratives in a paper chart or wasting valuable time typing up your entire note.

Utilize the AireO2 custom SOAP templates and watch your Progress Note generate as you complete the clinical forms for each visit.

Powerful Reporting and Referral Management

Key practice management features such as tracking incoming/outgoing referrals can add significant value to your practice.

The analytics module gives dental practices a comprehensive set of standard reports, which can be filtered and exported, including financials and appointment history.

Additional Features

Appointment Reminders
Send automated text and email reminders to patients with upcoming appointments.

Integrated Fax
Use a secure, HIPAA-compliant Sfax account to send and receive faxes directly from the software.

Conduct online, synchronous visits with patients to limit the number of office visits.

Payment Processing
Collect credit card payments through AireO2 using our integration with Authorize.net.

Send referrals and secure messages directly to referring providers or colleagues with our EMR Direct feature.

Generate prescriptions and send directly to the patient’s pharmacy through our eRx partner, New Crop.

External Scheduling
Allow patients to request appointments from your website, which can be integrated with the AireO2 calendar.

A Complete RCM Solution

Unlock the power of AireO2 for complete revenue cycle management of your practice or program.

Experience full transparency of your medical insurance claims and gain control of your patient A/R.

Integrated with Vivos Business Intelligence Service

Work with your BIS account manager to enter patient demographics and insurance and upload important documents required by payers.

Request a VOB and pre-authorization from our billing team using a single dashboard.

Generate CPT and ICD-10 codes directly from your clinical note; we take care of the rest! No confusing claim forms or frustrating calls to medical insurance companies.

Vivos will keep your practice audit-ready, compliant with payer policies, and successful when it comes to medical billing.

Practice Management + Billing Services through a single platform is why AireO2, powered by the Vivos BIS team, is an industry leader.

Security and Compliance

Your patient and practice data is secured and encrypted on HIPAA-compliant Amazon web servers. You own 100 percent of your data, and we follow the highest standards of compliance with protected health information (PHI).

The AireO2 platform is hosted by our developers at blueEHR, who have achieved the proper certifications from HHS when it comes to health information technology.