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Mission-Driven Results

John Ballard - Vivos SVP of Technology

John Ballard

SVP of Technology

John Ballard serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology at Vivos Therapeutics, a medical technology company that focuses on developing and commercializing innovative treatments for patients suffering from sleep-disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). His role is pivotal in the company’s mission to provide non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective solutions for mild-to-moderate OSA through the Vivos System technology. This system involves a customized oral appliance and protocols designed to significantly reduce symptoms and conditions associated with OSA, demonstrating Vivos Therapeutics’ commitment to improving patient quality of life through advanced medical technologies.

Vivos Therapeutics has been at the forefront of addressing sleep apnea with ground-breaking solutions like the AireO2 patient management software technology. This technology enhances the ability of healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients with OSA more effectively. Launched in collaboration with Lyon Dental, AireO2 integrates features that support billing services and practice management systems, marking a significant advancement in the treatment and management of sleep disorders.