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Dr. Quinn Yu on the Answer to Healthcare

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Quinn Yu, a skilled dentist and trained Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP).

Dr. Yu was searching for a treatment for her upper airway resistance syndrome. Initially, she described visiting her medical doctor, and he shared in her suffering but couldn’t resolve the issue, instead prescribing medication to reduce the symptoms. Dr. Yu wouldn’t take this for an answer and kept searching, ultimately coming across Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

“I was my own patient,” she shared. “Right away, I felt a breath of fresh air, and Vivos really helped me.” With The Vivos Method, many patients notice an improvement in their symptoms almost immediately. This is because it isn’t a Band-Aid. It addresses the root cause of symptoms. While many dental patients complain of wear and tear on their teeth and suffer from cavities, decay, and stress, they don’t realize it could be a problem with their airway. The pain, bruxism, and stress are the body’s natural panic response to being unable to breathe.

“A patient will come to me and complain that the doctor did something wrong. This filling keeps coming off, this crown is broken, but nothing is wrong,” shared Dr. Yu. “That doctor did all they could do. That’s an airway issue.” It’s all about perspective. With the proper education, dentists and healthcare professionals will recognize the signs and symptoms for what they truly are and treat the root cause of the problem.

“[Vivos] gave me a tremendous tool to help the patient. I can tell them about myself, but the minute I give them [the device], they start to see that transformation.”

“Because of Vivos, we know what is underlying the problems. That’s what I love.”

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dr. Quinn Yu. I’ve been practicing for 20 years as a general dentist. The way I found about Vivos is always searching for something for myself for a while because I have a upper airway resistance syndrome. And then I went to my medical doctor, and it turns out he had the same problem like me. And he couldn’t resolve the issue. He’s like, ‘this is it, you know, just take medication’ and, um, so. And then I found about Vivos, and I was like, ‘is it too good to be true?’ And then I was my own patient. Right away, I feel like a breath of a fresh air and, um, Vivos really helped me. It always like patient will come to me and complain about ‘this doctor did something wrong. The, uh, my filling keep coming off. My crown broken.’ There’s nothing wrong. That doctor did all they can do. That’s a airway issue. And it just gave me a tremendous tool to help the patient. So I can tell them about myself, but the minute I give it to them, they start to see that transformation. The Vivos helpline, it’s awesome because every time I call, I call them little late, you know, Vivos hotline little late. And then, um, I didn’t leave any message, and then they would call me in the morning, say ‘hi, this, uh, Vivos helpline.’ I say, ‘oh, the reason is they, they, I miss call.’ They still will follow up with me, and it’s really helpful, yeah. Because of Vivos, we know what is underlining the problems. That’s how I love about Vivos.