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Dr. Eric Thomas on the Importance of Education

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Eric Thomas, a seasoned dentist and talented Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP).

Dr. Thomas has practiced dentistry for over 25 years and brought Vivos on board in 2019. He attended educational seminars taught by the Vivos team and decided that this was the best solution for his patients’ common sleep and breathing complaints. To understand the treatment effectively, he chose to be his own first patient by treating his moderate sleep apnea. “I was my first Vivos patient, and my numbers have dropped down dramatically. I don’t have to wear my appliance anymore. I like wearing it so that I may pop it in periodically. My snoring has stopped. My AHI numbers have gone down significantly.”

After feeling more comfortable with his knowledge, Dr. Thomas began screening and treating his vast base of patients. “Most of the common issues would be patients coming in saying that they have daytime fatigue. They wake up with morning headaches, the jaw is sore, [they have] allergies, [they’re] mouth breathers, [and] the sleep partner says that they snore too much.” With The Vivos Treatment, these patients have found real, lasting change.

Some patients notice an immediate improvement in their sleep, breathing, and symptoms. For others, it may take some time. But for all, there is an improvement in the volume of their airway and development of the orofacial structure. Dental professionals need to educate themselves and their team on this science as the truth is in the data and cases.

“If another doctor wanted to get involved with Vivos, I would definitely say [to] get on a plane or drive to one of the cities where we have some of the integrated tours. You’ll be able to learn things that you never thought about before, because dental school did not teach me about this facet of dentistry. It puts the dentist on the front lines of trying to help save lives.”

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dr. Tyler Hales. Um, I have been doing dentistry for over nine years now, uh, and really been focusing on that airway specialty with Vivos for the past about two and a half years. Um, I’m located in Ladera Ranch, California. But really, it comes down to not just teeth now dentistry is not just about fixing a tooth, doing a crown, right? It comes to this overall health of where we’re looking at airway, we’re talking about sleep. So some of the biggest concerns that we see within our office is a patient coming in with their teeth completely worn down. That they’ve grinded their teeth their entire lives. Uh, kids that come in and their teeth are, are really low. Or people come in, and their dentistry keeps breaking down, a crown pops off, their crowns keep breaking on them. So why is this dentistry failing? Is it because dentists aren’t doing a good job? I don’t believe that. I believe that we provide a, a very high quality of care, but we’re not giving them the, really the root cause of what’s going on. I truly love The Vivos Treatment. Um, with every patient that goes into it, they see a difference. They feel better. Um, I myself, uh, learned that I had sleep apnea early on when I started doing Vivos. I was one that didn’t have a ton of symptoms, but I was tired a lot. I could take a nap anywhere. Um, and so I put myself through that Vivos System first. As soon as I started doing the appliance, I felt way more energized. Um, and my team saw it too, right? They’re like, ‘Dr. Hales, what are you doing differently?’ So what I recommend for doctors who are looking to bring on Vivos into their practice is 100% do it. Right? Airway is the future of dentistry. It’s something that we need to focus on. Um, and you’re gonna learn yourself how to become a better overall caregiver for your patients.