Dr. Caulfield - Vivos Voices


“I am so passionate and energized because I know that I am changing and saving lives.”

– Dr. Jon Caulfield

Dr. Jon Caulfield on His Reason for Becoming a Vivos Provider

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Jon Caulfield, a general dentist and the senior clinical advisor for Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Caulfield helps train and educate other dentists on the importance of integrating sleep and airway with dentistry.

“We are really changing the way that [patients] can breathe, changing the way that they can sleep, changing the way that they can be,” he said.

Dr. Caulfield discussed how sleep affects memory, our mood, overall wellness, and our ability to function correctly in our everyday lives. With Vivos Therapeutics, Inc., he has taken his practice, Epic Dentistry, to another level of patient care. In addition to helping patients have healthy and happy smiles, he is helping them to live healthy and happy lives.

Video Transcript

So my name is Dr. Jon Caulfield. I practice in Littleton, Colorado, in a practice called Epic Dentistry. With Vivos, I’m the Senior Clinical Advisor there, helping to mentor and train, and teach other dentist to be able to provide this amazing care. We’re really changing the way that they can breathe, changing the way they can sleep, changing the way that they can be. So sleep is something we’re supposed to do about a third of our life. Eight hours is sort of the average that we look for, so sleep’s a big, big deal. It’s only second to breathing, in my mind. Those eight hours are super critical for the body to go back and sort of reset itself, recalibrate, get everything working the right way. Poor sleep affects memory, affects our, our cognitive functions. They say that you actually drive worse if you’re deprived of sleep than if you’ve have a few drinks. So Vivos actually just changed the course of my entire career. Um, being a dentist was very powerful. I loved, I wanted to help people, I wanted to be a doctor, right, but I’m just a dentist. But, uh, but being a doctor, this is where we’ve really taken it to another level of health. It’s not just about the teeth anymore. It’s not just about the bite. It’s not just about the oral cavity. It’s really been, become about people, and it’s about their health, and about their opportunity to breathe well, to sleep well, to be well. And so now, when I go to work every morning, I’m so passionate and energized because I know that I’m changing and saving lives versus changing and saving teeth. And both are great, you know, thing to do, but I find so much more reward and so much more, uh, power in helping someone sleep and breathe better every single day of their life.