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His research had very logical responses to those questions.

– Dr. Eugenio Bedolla

Dr. Eugenio Bedolla on Finding Answers to Age-Old Questions

This week on Vivos Voices, we visited with Dr. Eugenio Bedolla, an exemplary dentist and passionate Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP).

Before learning about sleep and airway and its integration with dentistry, Dr. Bedolla had many unanswered questions. He didn’t understand why individuals continued to come in with sensitive teeth, fractions, and significant wear and tear. He wondered what was at the root of their grinding, clenching, and poor orofacial habits. Was it stress? Or something else?

In his search for the answers, he came across Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. “There was a point when I was introduced to Dr. Singh. His research had very logical responses to those questions.” Vivos seeks to provide answers to the most common questions in dentistry. What if we told you that bruxism, misalignment, jaw pain, etc., were caused by an underdeveloped airway and mouth?

Some might struggle with its science, as that is not what they learned in dental school. But, the fact of the matter is that this is the truth. With its soft food diet, lack of breastfeeding, and increase in mouth breathing, Western culture has led to a change in our facial structure. The good news is that we can solve this problem together, using The Vivos Method.

As for advice from Dr. Bedolla, he shared, “If anyone out there is on the fence, I know it is a large investment, but all the lives you’re going to be saving, I think it’s worth it. It’s a small price that we pay.”

Video Transcript

My name is Eugenio Bedolla. I um uh, I actually am Mexican. I grew up in Mexico. I came to the states at the age of 23. My practice is in Watsonville, California, Santa Cruz Country. And, I been in practice for 16 years. So, from the very beginning, there were some questions that I had. I wasn’t convince with the answers that I was getting, like why people coming with, uh, you know, with sensitive teeth. And, uh, all this a fractions and broken teeth and, uh, uh, wear on the teeth, and there was a point where I was introduced to Dr. Singh. His research, his personal research, had very logical responses to those questions. I just want to say that if anybody’s out there in the fence, I know there is a large investment. All the lives that you’re gonna be saving, I think it’s worth it. I think, uh, it’s a small price that we pay.