Bryan’s Story - Vivos Voices


“If my wife would have had the Vivos treatment, she would be here today.”

– Bryan Ferre

Bryan’s Vivos Story

This week on Vivos Voices, we sat down with Bryan Ferre, chief evangelist of Vivos Therapeutics, to hear about his story. In 2015, he lost his wife to sleep apnea—something that the pair had always viewed as a minor inconvenience. After Bryan heard about the comorbidities of sleep apnea, he realized that many of them were things that his wife had experienced—with no idea that they were caused by the disorder. “Those comorbidities are ultimately what took her life.”

Since learning about Vivos and their mission to rid the world of sleep apnea, Bryan has been committed to tell the world the story of his life and help other families see the changes that can happen because of The Vivos System. “I believe if [my wife] would have had this treatment, she would be here today. She’d probably be sitting in this chair telling her own story.”