Tip Tuesday: Why Myofunctional Therapy Is So Important

Why Is Myofunctional Therapy So Important?

Myofunctional therapy is designed to target any weakness and dysfunction in the muscles that surround the oral cavity, the airway, and the tongue. Muscle dysfunction is the leading cause of an underdeveloped jaw, which is why addressing muscle dysfunction leads to successful treatment outcomes for your patients. 

As you, the doctor, help create new space in the mouth and airway, we come in to teach the patient on how to properly use this newly acquired space. We teach the tongue to stay up and away from the airway as well as how to consistently and properly breathe through the nose.

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Our Live Practical Course is available to all Vivos VIPs who have completed Sessions 1-3 virtually. This is a hands-on course where you will review everything learned from Session 1-3 and go through the record process as a patient and take the records as the doctor.  You will  also get hands-on training with Vivos guides and the DNA/mRNA appliances.

VivoScore Software Update



Put a Ring on It! 


 Ask your Practice Advisor about joining our Trial Program! We would love to send you five VivoScore by SleepImage home sleep test rings to try out for ten days, on us!

We are excited announce additional support for VivoScore, powered by SleepImage. Beginning Tuesday, May 25th our amazing help desk team added support for all needs around VivoScore.

Please reach out to them with any questions or concerns!

Phone: 720-399-9322 email: [email protected]

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Lab Holiday Schedule/Closures 2021



9/6/21, 10/11/21,
12/27/21, 12/31/21

No cutoff date. Lab tries to get every appliance out the door before the end of the year. 


11/25/21 – 11/26/21,
12/24/21, 12/31/21

Cut off for fabrication of new appliances is 12/1/21 in order for lab to get appliance out before the end of the year


9/6/21, 11/25/21, 11/26/21
12/27/21 – 12/31/21
(return on 1/3)

Cut off for fabrication of new appliances is 12/13/21 in order for lab to get appliance out before the end of the year


11/25/21, 11/26/21, 12/24/21

Cut off for fabrication of new appliances is 12/3/21 in order for lab to get appliance out before the end of the year

5 Star

11/25/21 – 11/26/21,
12/23/21 – 12/24/21,

Cut off for fabrication of new appliances is 12/13/21 in order for lab to get appliance out before the end of the year


Closure dates TBA


11/25/21, 12/24/21

Cut off for fabrication of new appliances is 12/8/21 in order for lab to get appliance out before the end of the year

New VivoScore Cases Available!


We have new VivoScore Ring Cases available for purchase! 

These VivoScore Ring Cases come with a custom foam insert to be used as a replacement case from the provided VivoScore box.

VivoScore Ring Cases

Features include: 

  • Hard shell case that holds up to wear and tear
  • Custom foam inserts 
  • Fits both large and small rings 
  • Holds charging cord
  • Magnetic latching lid
  • Carabiner for attachment to lanyard
  • Each case sold individually

Simply log into your Aire account and select ‘Integrated Provider Tools’. From there, you can select and order the number of VivoScore cases you would like. 

Reach out to your Practice Advisor with any questions you may have! 

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Exciting Webinars this Week!

Join us for these educational and interactive webinars hosted by the Practice Advisory team!

Patient Education Meeting
Wednesday December 1
11am MDT

Patient Education Meeting
Friday December 3
9am MDT

Treatment Planning with an AI Report
Friday December 3
11am MDT

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What’s New with BIS

Why become a non-par DME provider through Medicare? BALANCE BILLING!

Many providers think that becoming a Medicare provider means that they must accept low rates. While Medicare only allows a certain amount for oral appliances in OSA treatment, being a non-par (or non-participating) provider with Medicare DME means you can balance bill your patients the remaining balance over what Medicare will allow. Getting clients in the door can be a battle, and what a great way to increase foot traffic in your office!

Becoming a non-par DME provider does not mean you have to accept Medical dental policies either! Reach out to [email protected] today to find out how we can help you get registered with Medicare today! 

Suppose you are a participating provider with Medicare and would like to opt out and become a non-par instead. In that case, you need to complete before the end of the year, or you will be locked into being a participating provider for another whole year! We can help with this as well.

BIS is excited to announce a new CE course! Check out “Beyond MAD with Dr. Chris Farrugia”! 

Curious about medical billing for oral surgery? Then join us November 19–20 in Denver!

In-person VIP doctors will receive $500 off by using the coupon code CE4VIP. This is not applicable for staff, associate doctors, or virtual attendees. If you would like more information, please follow the QR code, go to vivosbis.com, or email Jodi Pollock at [email protected]


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