Tip Tuesday: Why Mid – Treatment Records are Crucial to Patient Care

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Why Mid-Treatment Records are Crucial to Patient Care 


We all know the importance of taking good records. But what about taking mid treatment records? 


Taking mid-treatment records is crucial to patient care and here’s why:  

1. Tracks Progress

As clinicians it is important to see and track the progress patients make in their treatment journey that way if adjustments are need you have all the information at your disposable. 

2. Patient Visuals

Your patient will be reminded of where they started and how far they’ve come! Patients can often forget many of the signs and symptoms they experienced before they started treatment; mid- treatment records help by visually showing how much progress has been made. 

3. Comprehensive Records

By taking mid treatment records you have continued to gather great documentation of your cases! By the time you take final records you will have fantastic records showing beginning, middle and end results of treatment!  


Visual aids will help you too! Most of the time they can act as bullet points for our own speech; giving you the cues you need to flow from one point to the next. Visual aids can help keep you on track rather than rolling off into a tangent. They will also help you keep a clear and concise point.  

Measure Twice, Scan Once

CBCT comparative mid tx airway analysis

How to upload Mid-Treatment Records:


The first step for you would be to create a new tab under Patient Records within the patient’s case. Here are the steps:


1. Under the patient’s profile, select the “Patient Records” tab.

2. Select the green plus sign to create a new tab of records.

  •  Since this will be mid-treatment records, you can simply upload any new records you have. The system will not require all sections to be completed, but we highly recommend uploading at least new profile photos, intra oral photos, CBCT scan/lateral ceph + pano, and digital impressions.

3. While you go through each of these sections, it is imperative that you click the yellow “save” button underneath each section to save the newly added information.

4. After records have been added to the new tab, you can click the prompt for “Submit for Analysis” next to the Airway Intelligence Reports tab and request any desired reports on the new set of records.

Quality records produce quality results! The mid-tx comparative report for most VIPs is taken prior to fitting a new DNA/mRNA device, typical appliance longevity is between 9 and 12 months.


Don’t Forget the key to great diagnostics is preparation and time availability!

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