Tip Tuesday: The Help Desk Has New Hours!

The Help Desk Has New Hours!

The Help Desk will be available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. MDT.

See Ya There!

Don’t hesitate! There are only a few more chances to attend this amazing training. Bring your team and register today!

We want to thank all the doctors and teams who attended the Airway Integration tour in Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orange County, and Sacramento!

They were challenged to screen as many patients as they could as part of their training. As a collective, these providers did 2,809 screenings with the VivoScore so far!

Out of these screenings, 43 percent of patients had OSA.

Even more exciting, they have submitted 201 RXs so far!

We want to congratulate the following doctors and teams for submitting five or more RXs.

Dr. Hale (Houston) 

Dr. Griffin (Nashville) 

Dr. Rosello (Nashville) 

Dr. Isaacs (Nashville) 

Dr. McKenzie (Nashville)

Dr. Alla Alpert (Nashville)

Dr. Muhammad (Philadelphia)

Dr. Hales (Orange County)

Dr. Tran (Orange County)

Dr. Patel (Sacramento) 

Dr. Christensen (Denver) 

Dr. Crofoot (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Kraft (Salt Lake City) 

Dr. Simkins (Salt Lake City) 

Dr. Peterson (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Musso (Dallas) 

Dr. Krishan (Dallas) 

Dr. Kim (Dallas) 

Dr. Nels (Dallas)

Dr. Larsen (Dallas) 

We will be sending you five VivoScore Rings for attending the AIT and submitting five patient RXs.

Registration is NOW OPEN! 

We’re excited to host this incredible event at Caesars Palace.
Bring your whole team for a fun-filled getaway on October 20–23!

Registration and Agenda Information Available Below! 

Clinical Advisory Call

Thursday, September 9, Clinical Advisory Call will feature a presentation by

Dr. Kevin Goles

Protocols for Nightlase and Tongue Releases Using the Lightwalker Laser

The call will begin at 4:30 PT, 5:30 MT, 6:30 CT, and 7:30 ET and will last approximately an hour and a half, including Q&A. The invitation is below, and the link is the same each week.

The webinar will be on Ring Central and will be recorded and placed on the LMS for future reference.


Upcoming Events and Webinars


Friday, September 10

1 p.m. MDT

Treatment Planning with an AI Report

Friday, September 17

1 p.m. MDT

Twist and Bend

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