Tip Tuesday: Team Engagement Part 2

Team Engagement Part 2

How to Create It and How to Make It Meaningful


“There are three measurements you need to understand at a business to know if you’re on the right track: First and foremost is employee engagement. . . . Secondly is customer satisfaction. . . . The third is cash flow.”

— Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

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There are a lot of ways to create team engagement, but let’s keep it simple with these ideas!

1. Be Authentic
Always remember that a sincere relationship between employees and management motivates trust and builds teamwork. As an employer, try your best not to falsify relationships but instead develop a trusting workplace environment.​ When employees realize that the workplace is an open concept with no sugarcoating, they will feel as though they do not need to hide things from their peers or colleagues and will always be honest.​
You need to understand your own employees and how to get them engaged. When you build a positive relationship with your employees, they will generally be more productive because they know that management does care for them as individuals.​
If they have not seen a PEM, set up a time to share one with them. New staff members especially could benefit from seeing the PEM. The PEM is a great tool for your patients to have a better understanding of how their symptoms may all have a root cause and the solution that you offer may be an option for them; it is also a fantastic tool to help your team gain insight to the solution that you want to bring to your patients.​
3. Practice Gratitude
Gratitude in the workplace can have many profound benefits. Depending on what side of the gracious gesture you’re on, it can play positively into your life. This will ultimately make you happier and more stress-free. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania (UP), when leaders are grateful to their employees, the employees are 50 percent more successful.​
Gratitude has the capacity to positively affect many different areas, including the office culture and ability to produce a higher standard of work.​
The secret to increasing employee engagement in the workplace is simple: say “Thank You” to your employees. It is important for you to appreciate all of the effort and hard work that they have put into making your company more profitable. It’s such a simple thing, but it is often overlooked. ​
You can also show gratitude by recognizing when your team implements a new process, reaches benchmarks in your Vivos integration-first PEM, has a successful Friends and Family Day, welcomes their first Vivos patient, meets their daily goal, or meets the daily Vivos goal. ​
2. Clarify Goals and Responsibilities
Clarifying goals and responsibilities is vital if you intend to increase employee engagement within your organization. Create an overall Vivos goal for your office and work together with your team on how you are going to achieve that goal together. Goals and key objectives should be clear, specific, and challenging, as well as help employees prioritize their work. Effectively setting goals and objectives at work is not top-down but always involves employees in the process.​
What will each person’s role be in integrating Vivos into the office? Ensure that together you and your team are aligned. ​
A quick way to get started on this is to use the patient flow with the nine steps to outline what each person in each step will be doing. You can also use your patient flow manual and walk through each step and determine who will be executing that piece of the puzzle. Making sure that you have a good checklist with how each step happens (hint: your manual can help here) will ensure that as you need to bring on new team members, you will have a resource for training them.
5. Bring in Little Surprises​
Offerings such as cookies or cupcakes—especially if it’s something that you’ve baked personally—are a huge hit. (Have you tried baking cupcakes in ice cream cones? People love them.) Another hit? Bring chocolate. Order pizza for lunch from a caterer or a store that delivers. Schedule a brunch for a team that has met its current goals and overdelivers on its promised timeline.​
In conclusion, don’t forget to show everyone in your staff the PEM, create an office goal, define your processes by using the resources you have, show gratitude, and celebrate your successes!

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