Tip Tuesday: Post-Home Sleep Test

Post-Home Sleep Test: What Happens and What to Say


Your patient has returned after taking their VivoScore sleep test and they’re ready to hear the results. How does that conversation go?

Ask the patient about the PEM they watched.

  1. What stood out to them? 
  2. Did they identify with anything in particular? 
  3. Did they recognize someone else in their life?
  4. Make sure to answer their questions and acknowledge what they share with you.

Share the results from their VivoScore screening.

    1. You can say something like “I got your results back from your sleep screenings, and I am so glad that we’re taking a look at this.” 
    2. Review your findings.

If the findings of the sleep test results are concerning, let the patient know you will need to take more records to obtain more information, including the following:

  1. Cone beam
  2. Photos
  3. H&N exam

You could say, “Due to your sleep screening results, I want to take a few additional records today, including a 3D image of your airway so we can see more. My dental assistant will take you back for those images, and we will review them when you’re all done.” 

  1. Once the additional records are done, you can review the full picture and finish connecting the dots for your patient. This will include doing a head and neck exam.
  2. Talk about the need for treatment and what treatment within the Vivos System will do for your patient. Once you’ve reviewed that and answered all of their questions, you can do a power pass to your financial coordinator.

Power pass to your financial coordinator. If you need more info on what a great power pass looks like, click here.

After your financial coordinator has worked out an agreement with the patient, there are only a few more steps to complete: 

  1. Present an informed consent form and have it signed.
  2. Present the video and photo release form and have it signed.
  3. Take a digital scan and bite.
  4. Seat rescue (if recommended).
  5. Bill insurance for CBVT, H&N exam, and seat rescue.

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