Tip Tuesday: Patient Experience

Patient Experience: Why Do a Huddle?

“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.”

— James Cash Penney

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A morning huddle fosters and strengthens teamwork, provides an opportunity for staff to build mutual respect and camaraderie, and creates team alignment on the goals that the entire office is working to achieve. Huddles are also a wonderful place to celebrate successes from a prior day or new processes you are implementing into your practice. 

Increased Clarity

A morning huddle can reduce practice confusion around patient care. A good huddle makes work clear, emphasizes how each department can support the day’s goals, and clarifies everyone’s roles and assignments. It also allows a practice team to plan for any changes to the workflow and manage a crisis before it happens. A huddle can help reduce interruptions throughout the day as well as duplication of work for your team.

Improved Communication

Every office strives to improve their communication with not only their patients but also with each other. A morning huddle provides an opportunity to improve and encourage communication, which can speed up problem-solving and provide transparency to set the tone for the day. It’s a key tool to improve and correct misinformation that can create problems with your patients and your staff.

Create an Environment of Trust

The last benefit to share is this: A huddle can help create an environment of trust. It can create a professional environment where patients trust the team and say yes to treatment. Doing this consistent morning huddle allows your team to get to know, understand, and trust each other better. Huddles also build an emotional connection to the organization. When performed correctly, they build a strong sense of team- and family-level support for one another.

Always keep your focus on the fact that getting this treatment is important for a patient’s health and well-being. This is something that they truly need. If your intention is to help them get what they need, you will not come across as pushy or only caring about the money.

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The Final Airway Integration Tour Stop of 2021 is THIS WEEK!

Friday, November 5

Success in Detroit


Thank you to all the amazing providers who attended our Detroit Airway Integration Tour! We had a blast and hope you did too! 

We want to thank all the doctors and teams who attended the Airway Integration Tour in Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orange County, Sacramento, Bend, Chicago, Canada, and Detroit!

They were challenged to screen as many patients as they could as part of their training. As a collective, these providers have done 3,657 screenings with the VivoScore so far! Out of these screenings, 43 percent of patients had OSA. Even more exciting, doctors and teams have submitted 237 RXs so far!

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Registration for the Breathing Wellness Conference is now CLOSED!

Registration is officially closed for the Breathing Wellness Conference!

If you’ve already registered, we look forward to seeing you there! If you weren’t able to register, we will see you at our next event (details coming soon)! 

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What’s New with BIS

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