Tip Tuesday: More Add-On Features in AireO2

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Even More Add-On Features in AireO2!

Last week, we introduced a few of our favorite capabilities in AireO2. Believe it or not, there are even more incredible add-on features in the platform that can improve efficiency and ease of use!

Payment Processing

There’s no need to set up a new system to get those patient payments coming when you take payments directly through AireO2. With integrations on our front-end payment and ledger functions, the platform keeps a running track of what has been collected and what is owed. 


Seamlessly set up a referral-management system with other providers in your area. This third-party system is integrated for use, so both you and the other providers will need to have access to this to be able to utilize the system. You’ll even be able to receive and send referrals of patients to other providers in your area using AireO2’s address book. 

Custom Form Building

Do you have intake forms that you love? Would you like to be able to track who fills these forms out and where they are in the process? Add these forms into your system and house them as electronic documents that can be sent to your patients!


Are you prescribing medication or conducting oral surgery? This feature allows you to do so online! Only dentists allowed to order DEA-scheduled pharmaceuticals will be allowed to register. A third party completes an outside verification process during setup. 

Ability to Add Users 

While three initial users are included, you can add additional users for $80 per month. This will need to be requested through [email protected]

If you want to learn more about whether this system is right for you, contact us at [email protected].

Introducing a New Patient Payment Solution

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest partnership! 

Sunbit is a third-party financing platform that offers 6 to 72-month flexible payment plans for your patients.


What’s in it for your patients?

85% of patients who apply through Sunbit are approved!

Plus, patients are guaranteed the following benefits:

  • 30-second application
  • No hard credit check
  • No fees or penalties

What’s in it for you?

  • In-office support
  • Marketing collateral for your patients
  • Funds deposited to you quickly and effortlessly

Medical Billing in the Dental Sleep Practice: Opportunities in the Vivos Integrated Practice


According to the American Dental Association, dentists are expected to screen for SDB as part of a comprehensive patient evaluation. The evaluation of these patients (history and physical exam, radiographs, CT, etc.) is billable to and payable by both medical insurance and dental plans.

Testing and Diagnosis

While the diagnosis of OSA can only be made by a sleep physician, in most states the dentist can assist in the diagnosis by ordering and/or administering a home sleep test (HST). In those situations, the HST is billable and payable by commercial medical insurance to the administering dentist.


  • APPLIANCE THERAPY: Several therapies incorporating Vivos appliances are billable to and payable by medical insurance, including the Vivos Guide, the DNA appliance, and the mRNA/mmRNA mandibular advance appliances. 
  • ADJUNCTIVE THERAPY. The most common adjunctive therapy provided by VIPs is physical (Oromyofunctional) therapy. All of these valuable services commonly have medical coverage. 

MMI/Post-Treatment Follow-Up

As a patient completes treatment, an assessment of MMI is made. This re-evaluation of the patient is billable to medical insurance. Future routine care visits to follow the patient are also billable.

Want to learn more? Dr. Farrugia will be teaching a two-day medical billing course/workshop at TVI on August 5 and 6, 2022. For more information and registration, visit www.cezoom.com/registration/?conf=1230.

Dr. Chris Farrugia, DDS, DABSB

Dr. Farrugia practices TMD and dental sleep medicine in Destin, Florida. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep and Breathing, a published author, and a recognized expert on medical billing. 

Save the Date: Breathing Wellness Conference will be in Cancun on October 26-29!

Get your passport and sunglasses ready! This year’s Breathing Wellness Conference is in Cancun, Mexico!

You don’t want to miss our excellent speakers, including Matthew Walker and James Hunter! Matthew Walker is an English scientist, professor of neuroscience,  and psychology, and author of Why We Sleep. James Hunter is the author of The Servant.

We have a special lineup of educational opportunities developed especially for our Vivos Integrated Providers and their teams. Soak up the sun and essential tips about leadership, sleep, and wellness at the conference in October!

Next Stops: Raleigh, NC and Baltimore, MD!

Vivos Caravan

Here’s why you need to attend the Airway Integration Tour!

  • Earn CE credits
  • Participate in team-building exercises
  • Improve your patient experience
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Provide a better understanding of each person’s role, responsibility, and importance
  • Reduce patient visits with increased productivity
  • Network with other VIPs

Don’t take it from us! Take it from our attendees from Sacramento!


We are visiting 25 cities across the US!

Join us and bring your team for an informative and team-building training event that will help you transform your practice! Click the link below for a location near you.

Your Opinion Matters!

At The Vivos Institute, we strive to provide all VIPS and their teams with top-of-the-line education. Your feedback is extremely important and helps us cater our training to your needs. Please fill out the survey below to help us get a better understanding of what additional training you would like to see.

Join Us for Invaluable In-Person Training at the Vivos Institute!


Sessions 1–3 Practical


Our Live Practical Course is available to all Vivos VIPs who have completed Sessions 1–3 virtually. This is a hands-on course where you will review everything learned from Sessions 1–3, go through the record process as a patient, and take the records as the doctor. You will also get hands-on training with Vivos guides and the DNA/mRNA appliances.

Check out exciting upcoming events and webinars on our Thursday email from The Vivos Institute!

New Webinars Coming This Week!

Incorporating Myofunctional Therapy
June 17th, 2022

Explore the importance of myofunctional therapy, including why and when to use myofunctional therapy to improve treatment outcomes.

  • Understand how the tongue and facial muscle influence dental outcomes
  • Understand the importance of nasal breathing
  • Understand the benefits of utilizing myofunctional therapy with your patients

Craniofacial Sleep Medicine
June 22nd, 2022

Learn about how airway breathing and circulation are critical to our quality of life and how they are directly impacted by the development and underdevelopment of facial structures.

  • Connect the dots between symptoms of breathing disorders
  • Understand the impact of sleep-disordered breathing on patients’ overall health
  • Share the benefits of treatment with patients and grow your practice


Tongue Tie, Start Screening Today
June 30th, 2022

An untreated tongue tie limits the movement and range of the tongue. In children, this leads to the development of a high and narrow upper palate, which decreases the nasal cavity space and restricts airflow.

  • Evaluate tongue-tie in patients of all ages
  • Understand the proper function of the tongue for breathing, growth, and development
  • Learn to manage tongue-tie in patients


  • The importance of a dental diagnosis when doing sleep dentistry
  • How to review each slide of the AI report
  • Comprehensive dentistry that may include other health care professionals

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